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Tricker's Water Garden and Outdoor Decor
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William Tricker Inc

America's Oldest Water Garden Store — Over 100 years old.

Water lily icon Guarantees

William Tricker, Inc.® aka Tricker's warranties are important to our customers. We have been delivering quality water garden plants and supplies via mail throughout the United States and the world. Bear in mind that the shipping company may not deliver on time or may mishandle the package containing your live plant, live animal, or outdoor decor such as cast stone fountains.

The most important steps for you to take are standard care procedures for aquatics. Follow this procedure at the time of delivery — as soon as the package arrives at the destination.

  1. Take photos of both the outer package as well as the contents upon opening.
  2. Immediately transfer the plants to a container with soil and into your pond. Avoid mulches because the wood floats out of the container to the water's surface. Clay can be used for some aquatic plants.
  3. Immediately introduce live animals to their new aquatic home — take the time to ensure that the temperature of the water in the box with the animal is the same as the temperature of their new home to avoid shocking the animal.

Tricker icon Plant Warranty William Tricker, Inc. guarantees to send you healthy young vigorous plants. They are shipped bare root and must be transplanted right away.

For the guarantee to be honored,

  • The plant(s) must be shipped according to Tricker's Spring Shipping Schedule per the About Shipping page. If you opt to have the plants shipped outside that timeline for the destination, then this guarantee does not apply.
  • The plant must be purchased before September and shipped to the continental U.S.
    Orders placed from September through December do not qualify because of the cold & unpredictable weather along shipping routes.
  • Your aquatic plant must be planted the day it is received and no later. If you are out of town or the package is set in the sun when it's delivered and you do not immediately retrieve it, then this warrant may be voided.
  • Do not shock your plant by putting it in water of different temperature. Place the plant in a plastic bag with water of the same temperature that it arrived in and place in your pond for at least an hour.
  • Recommended planting and maintenance must be followed. The water temperature and pH must be right for your plants. Plant them in calm waters while they adjust and get strong.
  • This guarantee is good for 30 days after receipt and only one time per order.

If any plant fails to grow under our recommended planting and care, then

  • Immediately email us within 30 days of receipt with your images.
  • If we determine that you followed our planting instructions, then we will replace it with the same plant free of charge. No refunds and no credit will be made.
  • The plant must be planted immediately upon arrival per Tricker's planting and maintenance instructions.
  • Customer pays the shipping charges only once.

Receiving Instructions.

  • Immediately upon arrival, take a photo of the box and inside plant(s).
  • In quality water at the right temperature and pH, plant or float your aquatics that may appear to be damaged. Most aquatics are resilient and will recover. Wait a week for the plant to respond.
  • If the plant is still not responsive, then contact us. Include information that can help us assess what happened for the claim with the shipper. Include what you did and include the water temperature and pH, the planting depth, if it was indoors or the amount of sunlight if outdoors, and location in your pond (include a photo). Explain why you think the plant didn't survive and include an image.

If we determine that the wrong or unhealthy plant was sent or the shipper was at fault, then you will receive a replacement. We reserve the right to not grant a refund or credit.

Guarantees outside the U.S. are addressed in the Terms of Sale under International Orders").

Receiving Plants and Planting before the Safe Shipping Schedule is not advised in an outside water garden pool or in artificial conditions such as greenhouses, sun rooms, etc. The heated water, sunlight, etc. may be insufficient thus resulting in growth failure which will void the guarantee. Artificial planting medium is not recommended but a "good" topsoil should be used. Artificial conditions can be used after the plants reach a healthy maturity.

Discounted Plant Collections are defined by the plant species in the collection. If plants in the collections are not named, then the plants will be replaced as our choice.

Bonus plants are added to an order with no added shipping cost. If a replacement Bonus Plant is being claimed under this guarantee, then an email should be sent to us with photos as described above and the plant will be added to the customer's next plant order unless customer pays the shipping rate. Customer must notify Tricker's within the 30 days of receipt and requests an approval code to add to their next order. Note: If you send correspondence via email and have not received a response in 2 days, then please call us.

Tricker icon Fish, Scavengers and Daphnia. Fish, scavengers (tadpoles, snails, etc.) and daphnia are guaranteed to be alive upon arrival.

  • All living species must be immediately reported to us a replacement is requested.
  • Do not allow the package to sit in the sun until you retrieve it. You should know when it's delivered, so have plans to care for your aquatic animals.
  • Immediately upon delivery, take a photo of the package and inside. This can help with the insurance claim that may be filed with the shipper.
  • Do not shock the animal by placing it in water of a different temperature. Put the plastic bag with the animals in the pond for at least an hour to allow the temperature to get to the temperature of your pond. Then, you can release them.

If these steps are followed, then the customer will receive a single replacement of the live animals at no charge. The customer will pay the actual shipping rate. There will be no credit and no refund.

Some delivery areas may have unintended delays. The replacement shipment may be sent next day air A.M. if Tricker's deems it necessary to insure live arrival.

It is best to have outdoor fish shipped during cooler temperatures such as early in spring or later in fall. During the summer months, if your area experiences extreme temperatures, typically above 80°, a more expedited shipping method will be used. You can put a note for the carrier to place the package in a special place such as "place package inside garage door in the shade" or other special location that you have.

Tricker icon Hardgoods Guarantees: Please refer to the package inserts for specific warranty information and maintenance to keep items under warranty.

Contact us immediately so that we can file a claim with the shipper. If you want to return a damaged item, please contact us for approval and how to return the goods. Photos will help with your claim.

Tricker's has been selling and shipping aquatics and supplies since 1892 — long before the Internet was invented. We thank you for your purchase and confidence.

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