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Black Telescope Moor
This all black Chinese fish is highly prized and makes striking color contrast among brighter fishes. If the purchase button is not displayed the fish are currently out of stock. Quantity limited. Please call or email for availability.
Calico Fantails
These fish are similar to the "Calico Shubunkins" or the "Autumn Brocade Fish" but have a divided tail and thus are known as the Calico Fantails.
Calico Shubunkins
The "Calico Shubunkins" are also known as the "Autumn Brocade Fish". This is a more fitting name, for the fishes brocade pattern of glorious colors are like the beautiful autumn foliage, and even more varied.
Fancy American Fantails
These popular fancy fish are extremely beautiful and considered by many fish experts to be one of the most elegant of the goldfish family.
Brilliantly colored and active. A fine strain prized for garden pools and ponds. Beautiful markings in black, white, red and silver. When these fish are present the insect life in its larval stages, i.e.
Japanese Koi
Japanese Koi are fish that originated in Japan about 800 AD and were once virtually unknown in the United States. Multicolored and hardy, these fish can be kept with all other outdoor water garden fish. Tricker's has a wonderful assortment of koi.
Pearl Scales Goldfish
Pearl Scale Goldfish scales appear like half pearls or hemispheres. Very attractive. Very unusual, and their body is round, giving a "golf ball-like" appearance.
Select Premium Koi
If you are familiar with Select Premium Koi, then Tricker's can provide you with some very gorgeous select premium koi! Since Select Premium Koi is more expensive and varies as to availability, please call 1-800-524-3492.
Lemon-Yellow Goldfish
Want a great look in your water garden pool? These yellow colored goldfish are rare in the industry. The yellow goldfish have unusual gills and highly reflective scales.
AquaTough Pond Liner with J-Tear Protection: 20 Foot Wide X Length Desired
AquaTough Pond Liner with J-Tear Protection: 20 Foot Wide X Length Desired. The following can be selected are liner widths (20 feet) by the desired length. Longer lengths are available, please call for quotes.
Tricker Wholesale Form
Click on the options button to fill out the form to apply for wholesale prices.
FREE Live Aquarium Plant
FREE LIVE AQUARIUM PLANT. All aquariums should have live plants. With every aquarium plant ordered from our aquarium on line store up to $ 25.00, Trickers will include a FREE live aquarium plant AND over $ 25.

$0.00 ea.

Free Aquatic Plant
FREE Aquatic Plants: Click on Image and read about the mail order FREE PLANT offer.

$0.00 ea.

Protective Pond Liner Underlayment
Protective Pond Liner Underlayment is recommended to add a protective ground barrier for the pond liner.
Acryl 60 - Liquid Binder
Acryl 60 - Liquid Binder. A liquid binder designed to improve adhesion of Thoroseal® to concrete surfaces and increase the mechanical properties. For 50 pounds Thoroseal use 6-8 quarts of Acryl 60. Professional Use ONLY.
Aquarium Scrubber Pads
FREE Shipping. These scrubber pads are used as needed for cleaning inside of acrylic or glass aquariums as indicated.
High ammonia is a killer of fish and life in the water garden pool or aquariums. After checking the ammonia levels and an increase is evident, "Ammonia-Ease" is highly recommended.
AMT - Aquatic Mineral Transport
AMT or Aquatic Mineral Transport is a must to be mixed into the aquatic topsoil before planting if your soil is lacking clay. Clay enhanced soil has always been recommended for aquatics and often overlooked.
Aponogeton Crispus
Aponogeton Crispus. A solitary plant with narrow leaves on stalks which are wavy or crispate on the edges. Very attractive. Origin is from Sri Lanka. Water temperature around 71 to 82 degrees F. Grows to a height of about 20 inches.
Clear Standard Aquarium Airline Tubing
FREE SHIPPING. Standard aquarium airline tubing, 1/8". Also, used with Little Giant Air Pumps. Price is per foot. Thus, if you want 10 feet of aquarium airline tubing, put in 10 as the "Quantity".
Aquarium Gravel
FREE Shipping. Striking colors of non toxic gravel for all aquariums. Especially suitable for using with undergravel aquariums for best bacterial bed that keeps your water pure and clear.
Classic Aquarium Hoods
Free Shipping. This most popular black hood is designed to perfectly complement the Aquarium. It is custom fit to sit on the inside lip of the aquarium frame, which prevents water seepage.
Omega One Cichlid Flake Fish Food
Free Shipping. Made with fresh seafood excellent for Cichlids.
Omega One First Flake Fish Food
Free Shipping. Natural protein formula with an appetite enhanced formula for stressed fish and new fish to your aquarium.
Omega One Fresh Water Flake
FREE Shipping. Omega Freshwater Flake have a delicious recipe of fresh, cold water seafood blended specifically to enhance the levels of Omega 6 fatty acids.
Omega One Goldfish Flake
Free Shipping. Omega One Goldfish Flakes are formulated with higher levels of quality proteins and fats than other goldfish foods.
Omega One Shrimp Pellets
FREE SHIPPING. For all freshwater and saltwater fish. Natural protein formula with an appetite enhanced formula for stressed fish and new fish to your aquarium.
Omega One Veggie Flake Fish Food
FREE Shipping. For freshwater and marine fish. Made with fresh Kelp and Spirulina, two very nutritious algae. Natural protein formula with an appetite enhanced formula for stressed fish and new fish to your aquarium.
Arrow Arum
A handsome sub-aquatic plant for shallow water at the edge of the pond. It produces glossy, arrowhead-shaped leaves, that are very fleshy. The flower mass and fruits are greenish.
Double Arrowhead
Double Arrowhead is a plant like the 'Giant Arrowhead' in foliage but one that develops a spike of beautiful double, petaled pure-white flowers. Grows well as a bog plant.
Giant Arrowhead
The Giant Arrowhead is mostly aquatic yet can be found at your pond edges in shallow water and in wetlands.
Azolla. Very small floating plant, often called fairy moss, with tiny scale-shaped leaves. It provides a thick lacy velvet carpet of floating bluish-green or, in the autumn a brilliant crimson congested foliage that is very beautiful.
Baby Tears
Baby Tears is a wonderful aquatic plant that comes directly from our aquatic nursery. It has small round leaves and makes an excellent plant for fresh water aquariums. Also makes an excellent border plant for water garden pools.
Bacopa. Also known as the "Blue Water Hyssop" and is an easy to grow aquatic plant that produces beautiful blue flowers as it emerges out of the water.
Black Water Garden Foam
Black Water Garden Foam. Use this black polyurethane spray foam to set your water fall, rocks, or other support and attachments necessary in building a water garden pool. The black blends into the cracks and makes a natural foundation.
Black Magic Taro
Black Magic Taro is a very unusual taro with dark black leaves. It grows to about 3 feet.
Blue Iris - True Aquatic
Blue Iris. This native American blue iris (Iris versicolor) is often considered the counterpart to the yellow iris. It grows about 2 feet high and has attractive blue flowers.
Borneo Fern
A gorgeous,dark green, fern-looking plant. Easy to grow and does well in all freshwater aquariums.
Brazilian Pennywort
These plants have the look of the pond pennywort but are completely submerged and extremely attractive with water movement. Have "penny-like" leaves.
Bubble Wands
FREE Shipping. Bubble Wands create a beautiful decorative effect..and a curtain of bubbles at the rear of your aquarium improves water circulation and oxygen exchange at the surface.
Bulk Classic Aquarium Filter Floss
FREE Shipping. Excellent polyester filter floss to place into your aquariums filters. Scientifically prepared for freshwater, marine and pond filtration. Traps loose aquatic matter to create clearer water.
Water Garden Bulkhead Fitting
Water Garden Pool Bulkhead Fittings are used to make an overfill, drain or inlet (water source) through the Tricker's Pool Liner or Preformed pool.
Cabomba - Oxygenating Plant
Cobomba. A lovely submerged aquatic plant with bright green coarsely cut fan-shaped leaves which are a delight for browsing fish. Makes an attractive swaying of leaves in water. Also known as "Fanwort". Native to the South Eastern United States.
A slender, delicate plant with attractive flat upright round leaves. Shows very attractive in any aquariums. Origin in Japan, China, and Korea. Water temperature around 70-80 degrees F and can grow to about 16 inches.
Cardinal Flower - True Aquatic
Cardinal Flower. The true native aquatic Lobelia cardinalis or "Cardinal Flower" so often mistaken by the multitude of generic "Cardinal Flowers" that can be purchased in commercial nurseries.
Clear Pond Collections 4-7: UltraClear and UltraClear Oxy Collections
After you have read about each algae remedy, now you can get the compete collection at a reduced price over individual purchases. Professional Strengths.
Aquarium Fluorescent Lamps
Fluorescent Lampsoffers high-intensity output that enhances the natural beauty of freshwater fish and plants.
Ovation Submersible Power Jet Filter
FREE SHIPPING. Ovation Submersible Power Jet Filter are 3 filters in ONE and can be used in aquariums or terrariums.
Common Cat-Tail
One of the favorite native swamp plants tall foliage and with large brown "cattails". Makes a true attractive site in the pool especially during a gentle summer breeze. Known to be excellent as water clearifiers.
Common Sweet Flag
Grows 2 to 3 feet leaf blades, similar to an iris. This plant was once used for flavoring candles. When any part of the plant is cut or bruised, a spicy sweet citrus scent is released. An outstanding foliage plant perfect for any size water garden.
Complete Aquatic Plant Collection A-1
This collection includes everything for an attractive display in a small pool (6 x 8 feet) all at a REDUCED price over individual prices! Water Lilies.
Complete Aquatic Collection A-2
This complete collection is recommended for pools 8 x 9 feet rectangular or 10 feet round.
Complete Aquatic Collection A-3
Your will receive aquatic plants for a rectangular pool 10 x 12 feet to 10 x 15 feet.
Corkscrew Vallisneria
This vallisneria has twisted leaves that gives it a most attractive appearance. Grows rapidly.
Aquarium Corner Filters
Free Shipping. Excellent Freedom I or Freedom II filters that fits neatly into the aquarium "corner". Comes with a quick change carbon cartridge,disposable plastic air stone, attachment pump tubing and three suctions that adhere to the aquarium.
Floating Ducks
Floating Duck. Add a life-like floating duck to your pond. Gently floats on the surface among the water lilies and bog plants. Plastic. 5 Inches. Very attractive in ANY water garden pool!
Duckweed. Very small, perennial green plants with simple plant bodies. Among the floating plants, Duckweed is probably the best for your goldfish or koi as food.
Dwarf Bamboo
Bamboo's typically like well drained soil, however this hardy bamboo-like bog plant will add a wonderful bamboo look to your water garden. Deep green foliage with attractive tops. They grow to about 2 feet.
Dwarf Catkin Cat-Tail
A Tricker Favorite! Grows 3 to 4 feet tall with light brown, almost egg shaped catkins (flowering tops). Adds movement to your garden with every passing breeze.
Dwarf Giant Papyrus
Dwarf Giant Papyrus. An oxymoron Dwarf Papyrus, with strong stems! Papyrus are either dwarf or large, this one has both traits. A dwarf size, but with attractive large stems. A most unsual plant that can be brought indoors for the winter months.
Dwarf Papyrus
Dwarf Papyrus. A most desirable plant. Grows to about 2 feet. The thread like leaves are shorter and more compact than the Papyrus. An excellent plant that grows fast and very showy.
Dwarf 'Red Stemmed' Parrot Feather
Dwarf Red Stemmed Parrot Feather. A rather unique plant that resembles the Parrot Feather however is smaller and has distinct red stems that contrast with the grean foliage Easy to grow and will gracefully grow across the surface of the water.
Dwarf Sweet Flag
Dwarf Sweet Flag (Acorus gramineaus variegatus). A "dwarfer" and much more slender-growing species than the common Sweet Flag, forming compact grassy tufts, 8 to 12 inches high. It should be grown in very shallow water or at the pond edge.
Dwarf Umbrella Palm
Dwarf Umbrella Palm. A smaller and slenderer species than the regular umbrella palm, forming tight, compact clumps of wiry stems and less spreading whorls of leaves. The grow about 18" tall.
Economical Oxygenating Plant Collections
20-40% SAVINGS. Oxygenating Plants are important in ALL water garden pools. Here is an offering to save money but get the best of the variety of oxygenators.
Emperor Spare UV Bulb Replacements
The following bulbs are for the Emperor UV Sterilizers. Choose the wattage you require. If in doubt, please call 1-800-524-3492.
Floating Fern
Floating Fern. A fern floating on the surface of the water with a dense rosette of leaves. The leaves have a wavy margin and are egg-shaped to triangular and can have 3 to 5 lobes.
Floating Leaf Flower
Floating Leaf Flower. Interesting floating plant that produces a beautiful red-green coloration. The small floating leaves appear as clay roofing tiles with reddish margins. Very attractive small flowers are produced on this unusual floating plant.
Economical Floating Plant Collections
A cost effective popular selection of five fine varieties of floating plants that are specially priced! Many customers ask what "floating plants" should I add to my water garden pool.
Fluorescent Starters
Free Shipping. Fluorescent starters for use with FS-4:for use with 30 Watt (36 inch tubes) or 40 Watt(48 inch tubes)and FS-22: for use with 14 Watt (15 inch tubes), 15 Watt (18 inch tubes), or 20 Watt (24 inch tubes).
Combination: Pond Heater and Winter Blend - FREE SHIPPING
Combination of BOTH Winter Blend and a Pond Heater. Once you start using your pond heater do not forget about the ecological water quality during these cold months by adding a biological cold water bacteria Winter Blend. Winter Blend.
Garden Hose Adaptors
Garden Hose Adaptors. Attach your garden hose to your Little Giant Pump with these adapters to drain your pool or other needs. Adapters screw directly onto the pump outlet size on your Little Giant Pump.
Ginger Filter Cartridges
FREE Shipping. Ginger, Inc. manufactures a replacement filter cartridge for superior filtration results. Contain a professional grade carbon and have polyester filtration on BOTH sides of the plastic frame.
Aquarium Bubble Air Stone
Free Shipping. Aquarium Bubble Air Stone. Glass air stone for aquarium use can be used in either fresh or salt water aquariums. Ideal with all undergravel systems. The perfect replacement for wooden air diffusers. Works with all leading air pumps.
Variegated Glyceria
An easy to grow water side plant with striking vegetation. Has a light-moderate green leaves with white stripes. Reaches a height of about 2 feet.
Graceful Cat-Tail
These cattails possess an air of grace and dignity not encountered in any other genus of hardy aquatics. A slender plant, 2 to 4 feet, that finishes a very fine background in a massed planting.
Green Hygrophila - Oxygenating Plant
Green Hygrophila. This oxygenating plant has erect or creeping shoots with attractive submerged light green narrow leaves. It will grow well in any depth of your water garden. Grows in a variety of aquarium depths too.
Green Taro
Probably the most beautiful form of taro, with large green leaves, 3 feet or most long nearly as wide. They resemble the shape of the ears of an African elephant. The summer breeze makes this plant a special addition to any water garden pool.
Hardy Calla
Hardy Calla (Calla palustris). An attractive little native plant that bears many small, shiny, heart-shaped leaves one year, and two leaves and a small white arum-like flower the next. This is followed in autumn by a globular cluster of red berries.
Hardy Thalia
A handsome marginal plant with tall greyish leaves some 5 feet high, and arching sprays of small purplish flowers which makes it a distinctive and unusual plant for the pool.
Horsetail. Give your water garden an exotic bamboo look that lasts year after year. Easier to grow than the tropical bamboo but just as unique.
Laguna Replacement Impellers
Laguna Replacement Impellers. Replacement Impellers for the Laguna water garden pumps. Tricker's is a distributor of Laguna pumps, if you do not see you impeller, please call.
Imperial Taro
The finest of the Asiatic Taros. The leaves are attractively blotched a dark brown and violet black. This makes an excellent center piece for the small pool or very satisfactory house plant when potted. Grows to about 3 feet tall.
Innurco - Tricker's Fish Food
50% OFF. "Innurco" is a special sinking fish food that was developed at Tricker's over 70 years ago. Innurco remains a household name for fish food in outdoor ponds and aquariums.
Dwarf Jade Taro
Dwarf Jade Taro. This beautiful taro-like plant has unusual bright green shiny leaves. It grows to about 3 feet.
Java Fern
Java Fern. The plant is considered one of the most beautiful aquatic plants with attractive green flowing leaves. Grows well in good light as well as subdued light. Originates from India, southern China and Indo-Malayan area.
Joshua Plant
Joshua Plant has beautiful sturdy light green leaves. If allowed to emerge from the water makes delicate light lavender flowers. Easy grower and adds a wonderful touch to the water garden pool or aquarium. Native to the Southern United States.
Laguna Replacement PowerJet Pump Foam Filters
Laguna Replacement PowerJet Pump Foam Filters. Note the photograph to see if your filter is the type of foam strainer replacements. Fits inside the plastic housing. Keeps particulate matter waste trapped from entering the pump.
Large Fish Net
These nets have heavy galvanized steel bows and painted hardwood handles. We use them at our nursery with our fish and scavengers. Have a 9" by 16" net. The choice of handle length is 20" or 42" depending upon your use.
Large Planting Tub
Large Planting Tubs. Tricker’s black planting tubs are designed to be specifically used in the water garden to promote and successfully grow your water plants. They have room for water lilies, lotus and large aquatics to grow and display their beauty.
Large Round Crate
Large Round Crate. Crate Size: 10"dia.x 7.5" deep. Tricker’s black aquatic planting crates are designed to be specifically used in the water garden to promote and successfully grow your water plants.
Large Square Crate with Handles and Lifting Slots
Large Crates with Handles and Lifting Slots. Large Crate Size: 11.8" x 11.8" x 8.1".
An effective oxygen based powder for cleaning rocks, waterfalls, fountains, statues, plant pots, and ponds in general. It reduces the need to drain the pond and is effective in reducing odor from decaying material.
Daphnia - Live Fish Food
Live fish foods are considered to be one of the most valuable of foods for all fish. Fish hobbiest have known the true value of Daphnia and other infusoria for decades.
Live Duckweed
Living Duckweed (Lemna minor), a small floating plant, is highly recommended for fish. They truly love it! Duckweed is considered a vegetable for the fish and is extremely healthy in a fishes diet.
Lizard's Tail
Lizard's Tail (Saururus cernuus) A native plant with small fragrant flowers that are produced at the end of the plant resemble a lizards tail, thus alluding to its name. This is a very handsome aquatic plant that has somewhat of a heart shaped leaf.
Ludwigia - Oxygenating Plant
Ludwigia. A creeping aquatic or semi-aquatic plant often planted in wet soil at the pond margin to disguise the edges. Very attractive broad shaped leaves. Also makes a excellent aquarium plant.