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Live Fish Foods

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Absolutely nothing compares to Live Fish Foods which are very important for fish, either for the outdoor water garden pool or in an aquarium. Fish need a natural live fish food and Daphnia and Duckweed provide an exceptional nutritious value.
Often dried fish foods try to mimic the nutritional value of live fish foods and can foul or contaminate the water. Why not give your fish a live fish food treat now. Try a single order, or sign up for our "STANDING ORDER" that will deliver throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Read about our standing orders in the on-line store under LIVE FISH FOODS and begin to feed your fish on a regular basis all Spring, Summer and Fall! Your fish will thank you and they deserve it!

Duckweed: Duckweed is a small floating aquatic plant. Fish just cannot get enough of this nutritious diet. It acts as a tonic for the water and as a food for the fish. The fish consume the duckweed rapidly. It is high in protein and has vital minerals and vitamins for the fish. Provides excellent protein and fiber in the fish's diet. It is known that duckweed protein has higher concentrations of the essential amino acids, lysine and methionine, than most plant proteins and more closely resembles animal protein in that respect. Click Here to Purchase Duckweed.

Duckweed also has trace minerals and pigments, particularly beta carotene and xanthophyll. It has also been reported that the nutritional requirements of fish appear to be met completely in ponds receiving only fresh Duckweed. Just place a portion of duckweed on the surface of the water and watch the fish feed. Enter our On-Line store and order Duckweed today!

Daphnia: These are small (the size of a flea) crustaceans that typically live in the bottom of ponds. They feed on algae and are known to reduce algae in the water garden pool. Fish are very fond of Daphnia, they have a jerking motion that attracts the fish to consume them rapidly. Aquarium keepers are most familiar with Daphnia and often watch them being consumed by the fish through the glass. Just pour the critters into your water garden pool or aquarium. If you are an aquarium keeper and have never have fed Daphnia you will fall in love with the fish's reaction. It is a special treat for all fish! Enter our On-Line store and order Daphnia today!

Standing Orders of Live Fish Foods delivered to your door: Sign up today and receive a discounted standing order of live Daphnia fish foods each week or bi-weekly with orders of Duckweed. Read about the "STANDING ORDERS" in our on-line store. Not only will you be excited to get the live beneficial fish food but your fish will look forward to having this nutritious diet each or every other week!