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Maintenance and Care

Simply apply a WX12 Sealer or paste wax at least monthly, to polish and protect. Otherwise, expect an "ageing" effect as some finished will oxidize revealing a verdigris or other patina.

Neither Tricker's nor the factory is responsible for the effects of using cleaning or restoration products on your brass decor. They have been designed to age and weather gracefully. However, we do recognize that some consumers cautiously employ professional methods to clean the bronze patina.

A brass statue with brass patina on the heron body, tree, & rocks with a verdigris patina on the foilage on top the rocks.

What is the Difference Between Brass and Bronze Decor?

Brass consists of copper and zinc that provides more strength and ductility whereas bronze consists mostly of copper with tin and phosphorus, manganese. Bronze may also have aluminum, or silicon depending on the process and application. Bronze is 4x more expensive than brass.

Your Brass Baron decor body is brass and may have a bronze patina (finish) that can be scoured away. That is why it's important to not ruggedly scrub your decor if it has a patina. Your brass decor may have a copper "verdigris" patina, aged copper that is aqua/greenish/bluish depending on how it's prepared. The verdigris is a natural ageing process that is expedited during manufacturing to give you a beautiful statue, fountain, or other decor.