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Tricker's Water Garden and Outdoor Decor
Century-old Greenhouses & Hatcheries at 7125 Tanglewood Dr, Independence Ohio 44131 1-800-524-3492
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William Tricker Inc

America's Oldest Water Garden Store — Over 100 years old.

If you're looking for parts, please contact Donna at 1-855-222-1001

General Maintenance

Each Henri fountain comes complete with pump, tubing, connections and instructions. Please refer to the fountain instructions for installation and assembly of your fountain.

All fountains recirculate water using a submersible pump located within the unit. The pump should be plugged into only a GFCI receptacle. To avoid damage to the pump, your fountain should never be allowed to run dry or the pump should not get plugged with debris. Please refer to your pump instructions for further information on pump care and maintenance.

Henri fountains are handmade of premium cast stone, and are most often finished with either penetrating stains or sealer-type paints. Often, various relic and antique looks are then created by hand for a rich appearance. Henri Studio offers a wide range of beautiful, trend-setting finishes, which will weather and age gracefully over the years to unique effect. Your fountain may also be in natural, unfinished cast stone.

If you choose to refinish your fountain, we can provide you with a Henri Refinishing Kit. For finishes using matte or clear sealers, Henri Sealer Spray is an effective treatment. And, to protect the appearance of products finished in Henri Relic Stains, use Henri Relic Sealer.

To camouflage minor nicks, dings and scratches, use a dab of virtually any similarly colored paint. For finishes that have a black or dark antique effect, use black paint; for lighter antiques, use white. Simply dab the paint onto the scratch, and wipe off the excess as you blend it into the surface for a virtually invisible touch up.

Henri's Relic Stains create a rich and complex look that is unique to each Henri fountain. These finishes are etched into the cast stone surface. Due to the initial release of salts released from the cast stone by these penetrating stains, your fountain water may have a yellow or green tinge when initially filled with water. This will gradually disappear and the water will eventually clear as the fountain water cycles through normal evaporation and refilling.

Depending upon temperature and evaporation, you may encounter a build up of white residue on the surfaces of your fountain. This is unavoidable in areas with high mineral content, especially calcium and lime, in the local water supply. More frequent rinsing of the fountain and replacement of the water will help to minimize this occurrence. To remove lime buildup, use a Calcium-Lime Remover. This surface cleaner is designed to foam away lime deposits without damaging the cast stone surface. Be sure to follow all cleaning directions on the bottle.

To help keep fountain water clear from sludge, algae and cloudiness, starting with a clean fountain and clean fresh water, we recommend the use of hydrogen peroxide at one tablespoon per gallon. To protect the finish, pumps, and tubing, do NOT use chlorine or harsh chemicals such as TSP or CLR to clean or clear the water. Distilled water or water from a water softener will respectively eliminate or reduce mineral buildup. Maintain a fountain free of leaves and debris, and clean the pump as often as needed with a 50/50 mix of water/vinegar.

Winter Care

The quality of Henri cast stone is legendary. Henri Studio has been refining its proprietary process and mix for over fifty years, and your Henri fountain or décor item has been manufactured from only the finest materials for resistance to weather, but concrete and ice or salt do not mix. Extreme and rapid changes in temperature and humidity affect all cast stone adversely. Cast stone has an inherent tendency to expand and contract with climatic conditions, as evidenced by the expansion joints engineered into concrete sidewalks and driveways. Although normal surface shrinkage cracks may occasionally appear, crumbling and cracking can be avoided if you:

Cast stone products left exposed to icy conditions may shale or crack due to the mechanical force of water solidifying and expanding against the concrete surface. If it is not possible to store your cast stone fountain, birdbath, planter, statue or bench during cold winters, you must protect it from ice collection and exposure to prevent cracking.

To prepare your cast stone fountain for sub-freezing winters, fill the fountain bowls with absorbent material, such as blankets or burlap, and cover the entire unit with a fountain cover. Durable Henri Fountain Covers are shaped and sized for Henri fountains, and feature a convenient bottom draw string to secure the fit. Should condensation form on the inside of the cover during non-extreme weather, the humidity should be absorbed by the material and not turn to ice. Protect birdbaths and planters that cannot be brought indoors by setting the pieces on high ground to avoid their standing in ice, and cover. Winter birdbath heaters work well if you want to keep the water thawed for the birds.