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Aquatic Plants & Animals for Your Pond & Aquarium.

Greenhouses & Hatcheries at 7125 Tanglewood Dr, Independence OH. 44131 1-800-524-3492

Terms of Sale

Noxious or Invasive Plants and Animals. Aquatic plants sold by Tricker's are for contained ornamental water garden pools or aquariums. If you order an species that is classified as a noxious or invasive by your state or federal regulations, then we will ask you to choose a different plant or cancel those items. We reserve the right to not ship noxious and invasive plants and animals.

You can find the restricted species on the product page, at your state website, or Federal USDA website website.

Customer agrees that no species purchased from Trickers, invasive or not, will be placed into public waters, lakes, earth-bottom ponds, etc. without letting us know.

Certified companies who are permitted to restore wetlands is a different case than the homeowner. Let us know your legal company name as well as you permit or license number before ordering noxious or invasive species. You can enter your company information credentials in comments at checkout.

Safe Live Animals (snails, tadpoles, clams, fish, etc.). All live animals sold are for contained ornamental water gardens or aquariums. Because of transit times, we do not ship live animals outside the continental United States. Each state has defined regulations for release of live species.

Customer agrees that they will not release live species purchased at Tricker's into natural (earth bottom) ponds, public waters, or other pubilc spacez except by certified companies. If you order a species that is prohibited in your state, we will notify you and either suggest an alternative or cancel the species on your order. Do not purchase a prohibited animal from another source such as clubs, from individuals, etc.

Depending upon your state, most live animals will ship on Monday or Tuesday. States within the one day shipping (see map below) can ship on Wednesday. We do not want live animals to sit over the weekend or experience an unexpected transit delay. If you need another shipping day, please comment in checkout the day and reason (such as youi have a greenhouse for them).

Substitutions. In the event of a shortage of plants or a plant that is restricted to your State, we reserve the right to substitute a similar plant of equal or greater value. If you do not want this option, please let us know the comments at checkout.

Shipping Costs. Standard shipping and handling costs of plants, scavengers and supplies on internet orders are shipped the least expensive method from UPS, Federal Express and USPS.

Quotations: Your quote has an expiration date. If you need it extended, then please contact us for the current rate. We have experienced, albeit rarely, rapidly increasing freight rates where the customer's total price was more than our cost. We reserve the right to expire your quotation and re-do it with the new shipping costs. You will be contacted for approval before we proceed with your order.

Shipping Costs for FISH, Tadpoles and Scavengers: All live aquatic animals are only shipped within the continental United States. Fish and tadpoles are shipped with special handling, preparation and not in the same package as plants or hard goods.

  • Fish and tadpoles can be shipped by standard shipping except to states that need expedited shipping which include the following:
    AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL, HI, ID, KS, LA, ME, MN, MO, MS, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, TX, UT, WA, WY.
  • Snails and clams are shipped to all states by standard shipping except these states that require expedited shipping
    AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA, WY.

Consider ordering live aquatic animals in early Spring when temperatures are cooler and ensure that your water garden is ready to accept the fish or scavengers. Alternatively, indicate in the comments at checkout when your pool will be ready and we will accommodate that. If you want to have the fish or scavengers sent later, please let us know in the comments at checkout. If standard shipping is not one day and your temperatures are 80+° (see UPS map below), next-day shipping should be selected in checkout to ensure live arrival. If this is not done, then your guarantee will not apply.

International Orders.

  • Plant Inspection Certificate. A phytosanitary certificate verifies agricultural products have been inspected and are pest and disease free (“phyto”meaning “plant” and “sanitary” meaning “clean” or free from pests and diseases). A U.S. Inspection Phytosanitary Certificate USD50.00 which will be added to international orders if the destination country requires one. We reserve the right to charge the current cost.
  • There may be additional fees such as brokerage fees that may require another type of import certificate from your country that you are responsible for acquiring. Check with your country's importation requirements for importing aquatic plants and if they require only a Phytosanitary Certificate from the United States.
  • Ensure that your country accepts what you order. E.g., some countries allow only dormant plants.
  • Then, email us with the response from your agriculture department before placing your order. Let us know what and how much you plan to order as well as the destination address and we will prepare a quotation for you.
  • If we have a list of what you plan to order, we will prepare a quotation that will explain how to complete your order. The quotation will let you know how to order the personal Phytosanitary Certificate aquatic plants for the fee. When you ask for a quotation, let us know yoru preferred shipping date.
  • All shipments will be insured and require you to inspect and take photos of issues upon arrival, not a day later. For international shipments, packages lost, damaged, or delayed by carrier is the responsibility of the carrier and customer as we cannot control what happens when the shipment enters your country. Customers should require that their shipment is insured.
  • International shipments, both plants and hard goods will pay the actual shipping rates that may include duties or brokerage fees. The customer is also responsible for any other associated costs such as country taxes and fees for goods, etc. Sometimes this is requested when it enters your country.
  • Hard goods to be delivered outside of the U.S. will receive a shipping price at checkout that is, in the great majority of cases, correct. We reserve the right to charge the exact price if it's higher. You will be notified for your approval before the order is fulfilled.
International Customers. It is expensive to ship small quantities of aquatic plants outside the contenintal U.S. because the shipment includes the inspection fees and expedited shipping. We prefer to do not sell small quantities of aquatics outside the U.S. Growing conditions and other factors are very different in locations outside the U.S., there are no plant guarantees. Therefore when ordering aquatic plants you must make sure your growing conditions i.e. sunlight, day lengths, temperatures, etc.,are correct for each plant in your location.

Large Freight Items include cast stone fountains, statues, benches and other cast stone decor, brass and bronze products; spillways; Laguna Skimmer Filter and Filter Falls; Bulk Filter Material; Deck Pond; and some bulk orders are shipped via freight. Please email us with a list of the items and destination address for a shipping quote. We will research the best price and respond within a couple days with the total price and how to order. See How to Receive Large Items Shipped by Freight page for more information on freight shipments.

Cast stone, brass and bronze outdecor are not returnable, not refundable and not exchangeable once the order goes to the factory to be custom made unless it arrives damaged.

Home Delivery Policy: UPS packages are delivered without a requested signature. Upon delivery UPS is directed to leave packages at your door without a signature. If, for any reasons (i.e packages have been stolen at your residence, or in your area, etc.), and you feel your package should be signed for, please request a signature in checkout in the comment section.

Return Policy, Damaged Package/Products, Change of Address after Shipping.

  • If the package arrives damaged, then take a photo of it as soon as it's delivered, not days later. Immediately open it and if the product is damaged, then take a photo of that, also. Do not discard the product, plant, etc. until we respond.
  • Please phone us to discuss and also send an email with your photos. Many times the items will not need to be returned. If an item is returned without our approval, then a 25% restocking charge will be assessed if the item(s) are received as seen in the photos. If you do return the goods, then include a copy of your email to us with our response.
  • If you request a change of address after a package is shipped, then a minimum USD25.00 fee will apply.

Free Shipping. Items that are listed as free shipping is to the continental U.S.A. and will be shipped standard or economy ground by the carrier of our choice. Additional shipping might be added if the customer requests other carriers or expedited shipping.

Extended Terms & Conditions of Sale. Refer to the About Shipping, Guarantees, & How to Receive Large Items Shipped by Freight that apply to our terms and conditions of sale.

We make every effort to bring you quality plants and products from the U.S. to the world. It is up to you to care for them after they arrive.

The map shows the UPS standard ground transit times from our historic aquatic nursery in Ohio to states in the USA. Most hard goods will ship via UPS ground. Live plants and animals will ship by expedited (1-2 days) to remote states.